Enhanced RTMP and Enhanced Broadcast

Finally things are moving forward to newer/better streaming standards. Not quite to the extent of widespread RIST and/or SRT which have effective means to stop stuttering and dropped/lost packets of data but at least bring better codecs like HEVC/h.265 and AV1 to the table.
It’s a step forward and with twitch now saying it will support higher bitrates and higher resolutions we could be looking at a bit of innovation and movement in what has begun to look a bit tired livestream experience.
I have started to use 4k stream to youtube recently and it is quite easily done. Why 4k you say? Because if you stream in 1440p and above youtube will serve the stream using vp9 codec and whilst the latency is still there because of transcoding using hevc and a 20000k bitrate results in some great looking streams. Check out the last stream which was from 23rd December last year and was a Christmas themed stream below. If you have the tinternet connection and hardware you can easily see a 4k stream…

To be fair this news is the most exciting thing I have seen for quite a long time in the streaming space – I’m not twitch’s greatest fan, I prefer youtube, but at least we might see some higher quality streams moving forward. Now all we need to do is stop people using terrible quality Logitech webcams and we’ll be there….

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