Is it time to ditch OBS?

A recent update to Prism Live released today has brought it up to date with OBS in the capability stakes, especially as it uses the OBS engine. So why would you choose to ditch OBS and use Prism?

Well that’s simple, Prism makes it much much easier to multistream to say Youtube and Twitch at the same time. It doesn’t get rid of the fact that for most people Twitch is still back in 2015 with a 1080P resolution and maximum bitrate of 8000 (come on twitch, get it together now!) but what it does do is bring in chats on both platforms right into Prism and for some things like audio monitoring makes it much much easier to hear with just a click of a toggle!

As you can see from the user interface, it also brings in your plugins now, and basically makes it all easy to understand. Prism still complains that my gfx card is underpowered as it isn’t a gaming card, but for everything else it’s great! This is my setup, just like OBS in studio mode. with a display capture (of Firefox in youtube) and whilst you can see it’s different to OBS most of the differences are simple to pickup. What you can’t see is that it is snappy, smooth and just well works. All of this is great, but it doesn’t unfortunately get round the issues of multistreaming that still exist, for example, you can’t right now use higher bitrates for youtube because Twitch complains, and different protocols are a bit of a mess – but that is for another post! But, if you are a streamer trying to cover the bases, then I can see Prism being better as you can just add your twitch account and youtube account, enable output to both, and of you go! Chats are in one place right in Prism, and as long as your system is good enough, then it’s easier to enable multistreaming than OBS.

Right that’s me finished for this quick post. Look forward to a review of Prism Live and Polypop Live soon! In the meantime I suggest you check out Prism Live and Prism Lens (this is a virtual camera that easily allows the use of your smartphone as a webcam, and believe me, 99.9% of smartphones are miles better cameras than any USB webcam with only a teeny tiny amount of latency over wifi!

Prism Live’s website is HERE

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