3dctube, peertube and more!

I run a instance which basically aggregates and federates Peertube content and instances. There are NO ads, NO algorithms and it is free. Of course if you’d like to donate then that would be great so I can continue to do this.


Donations can be made HERE

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  1. February 9, 2024


    Nice instance, couple questions,

    Do you mean to have user registration disabled?

    How many gigabytes do you have dedicated to redundancy

    • February 9, 2024

      Yes – currently the instance is more a repository as I need to sort out some issues like storage. It runs via yunohost and getting things like s3 storage on peertube isn’t that easy through yunohost. But with V7 there will be ways to move content to another instance easily which is what I really need right now, and also keep the federated contacts and content. There are about 40 gigs of redundancy but it is shared…

    • February 9, 2024

      @errhead @3dcadmin I did reply on the blog but it appears to have disappeared into the ether…
      40 gigs redundancy though it is shared. User registrations closed because again it is shared with other things. I need to alter some things but I am waiting for #peertube v7 as that will have some much better tools to move across content

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