3 things to change in Live 12

Here are my 3 things to change/explore in Live 12 preferences now it has been released.I feel they make a big difference and also I have seen many comments and/or complaints about them!

The default theme/appearance in Live 12 can be rather bright. You can easily change it in Preferences>Theme & Colors. There are some theme choices and some even have different appearances, Tone and High Contrast modes. Here I am with the Classic Medium Dark theme which I think works well.

Next up is the scrollbar behaviour – many people have complained that the scroll bars are missing. This is not strictly true but you can enable that in the Display & Input section of the preferences easily. There are a few tweaks to be had in there for users to explore as well.

The next tip/tweak is more about the filters in the browser. For example you can filter your plugins easily in the browser for say to show just VST3 plugins under the format filter. Or just find a Creator in that filter. These filters can also be edited if you wish for a very powerful function. Using filters can really make finding things way, way easier….

So there you have it – 3 simple yet powerful tips to help your Live 12 experience. I hope you find these helpful!

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