The continued rise of AI

Yet again AI continues to rise and I am hearing about another round of job cuts where creative types are being replaced by AI. I am also starting to see a lot of hobby type people now releasing videos featuring AI generated content and in a strange move lots of Ai generated Marilyn Monroe pics as well (I am a fan of MM). I think that things are beginning to shift rapidly to more and more Ai techniques – heck the amount of AI in my phone now is ridiculous for example

This is the second song with visuals written by AI from this youtube channel. Whilst it is alright the main point here is to say that this approximation would take far less time and resources than the band being “covered” and AI is used for all the main parts of this video.

Microsoft is another company betting big on AI. Below is an example from their new AI video generation tool called VASA-1. This is groundbreaking and shows how far things are progressing!

I am also seeing plenty of copy writing AI uses these days, in fact a copywriter friend estimates that her job will be gone in say 3 months as AI does it cheaper, faster and works longer hours (ie 24/7)
This is a worrying trend that will see the AI market erode the artists and creatives ability to work greatly…

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