AI music in the crosshairs

Well it had to happen didn’t it? The major US record labels are suing udio and suno for copyright infringement over their AI content making services. This is a really big thing, because AI image generators have been called out before but the lawsuits haven’t really got anywhere (yet). Now I’m not sure how this will play out, but this is literally the future of music and music making being under scrutiny right here – depending on what happens will have the potential to change how everything in the tech industry goes moving forward…. and I know people think I am exaggerating things here, but AI is a juggernaut which is on an ever faster highway to changing everything!

I have to just add as well that AI has already had a big effect on social media and news – many people I know are saying how they no longer read/watch techy stuff as much because the content quality is getting worse through the use of AI or how the content isn’t as accessible as AI chooses what it thinks we want to see/read/hear.

phone listening
phone listening
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