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If you use the StreamUP plugin then you will already have been prompted to download these new version, but there is also a completely new plugin if you are on the 30.2 Beta train now that leverages a new upcoming feature – and that is chapters. So if you use OBS to record things, say to upload later rather than stream, 30.2 will support chapter, and Andi Lippi has got a plugin that helps you automate your chapters. Once you have the recording with chapters, when you import the recording into say Da Vinci Resolve, you will find it is already marked up with chapters. This can help the editing workflow considerably, and moving forwards is gonna be a great feature.


To go along with the chapter markers, the Aitum Vertical plugin has had an update to V1.4.4 and this is needed to make vertical content for say Tik Tok and/or Instagram. Using this you can stream to 2 different platforms and orientations or record vertical content or whatever you wish to do.


And finally the Teleport plugin (like NDI) to send content across a network from one OBS to another has also received an update. This is now up to V0.7.2 and is a great replacement for NDI as that is now a paid for service for the latest version.


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