Twitch future, maybe!

I have decided to start using the latest betas of OBS to test a few things out, one being enhanced broadcasting support on Twitch. Now the latest betas enable this for most people and this is something that has really annoyed me about Twitch, and in fact most streaming platforms for the last few years at least. Being stuck at 1080p and low bitrates without h.265 codec support meant that I personally used Youtube more than Twitch because my streams are music based. Using Twitch means that a fairly large percentage of people cannot see streams and have to wait till the performance is posted to youtube or whatever. Whilst enhanced broadcasting DOESN’T mean that streams to both youtube and twitch at the same time will be massively boosted, at least it is a start.

Twitch future?

My only caveat here is that (once again) a lot of people will be forced to choose one streaming platform at a time as multstreaming to say youtube and twitch results in resolution and quality compromises as both will ingest different formats with Youtube beta testing SRT streams. For me, I would prefer it if Twitch went down the same route as youtube because you could then easily send an SRT stream somewhere and have it restreamed out to both at once – however it is increasingly looking like this won’t happen. The fact that youtube easily supports h.265 and higher resolutions for me is a better way to do this as it is done via RTMP(S) and this would seem to be easier to make multistreaming easier, but as always, that isn’t how it has panned out. The fact that RTMP, a solution that is hacky at best, and does not represent the best way to stream in any way shape or form, doesn’t help. Net congestion often means that a stream does not happen just because of issues out of the control of the streamer, and this is why I still believe that SRT and other formats that have error correction and adaptive rate control are much better suited to streaming moving forward. Of course, part of enhanced broadcasting is that is does have adaptive control, but if youtube don’t adopt it, then there will still be this issue. Watch the EposVox video and see what you think. OBS Beta is now at 30.2 Beta 4 and fixes quite a few issues for me and brings enhanced streaming if you use Twitch. Prism Live will obviously quickly get this once 30.2 is released to the masses as it is based on OBS

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